Panoweaver Professional Edition

Panoweaver Professional Edition 9.20

Makes panorama images and publishes them in various formats locally or for web
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Panoweaver is an image stitching tool, merging different pictures into a high quality, 360 degree panoramic view or into different partial panoramic view types.
The application imports JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG and various RAW format images. The resulted pictures can be exported as full screen Flash VR, standalone .SWF files, or QuickTime movie .MOV. It also allows the usage of circular, drum type or full frame fisheye images made with wide angle lens.
Panoweaver has an intuitive interface, making it very simple to use without requiring advanced editing knowledge. The imported images are manually arranged to recreate the desired location. Once you set the images in the proper order, the stitching option does the rest of the job, merging them into a full panoramic view. For detailed editing, each merging point can be custom set, fixing the stitching errors and improving the overall realism of the image. However, this is necessary only if the original pictures have certain problems, the default merging algorithm does an excellent job without user intervention.
Three types of panoramic images can be created: spherical, cubic, and cylindrical, each one offering different types of visualization.
The output resolutions supported are very high, allowing up to 40000 x 20000 pixels for the spherical images.

Cristian Ionescu
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  • Very good merging algorithm
  • Supports wide angle images and high resolutions


  • None to mention
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